Hesheng Yu

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    School of Chemical Engineering and Technology
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    Room 203, Science and Innovation Complex 1, Wenchang Campus, China University of Mining and Technology
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    University of Waterloo
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    School of Chemical Engineering&Technology

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Professor Hesheng Yu was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu in July 1984. He earned his Ph.D. degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada. Currently he is a Ph.D. supervisor within the Mineral Processing Engineering Program at the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and is supervising graduate students majored in Mineral Processing Engineering and Clean Energy Engineering.


Prof. Yu has been awarded “Jiangsu Specially-Appointed Professor”, “Jiangsu Provincial Six Talent Peaks Program”, “Jiangsu Provincial Doctor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, “Rising Scholar of China University of Mining and Technology”. Prof. Yu was sessional chairs for professional international conferences including 2019 International Conference on Energy, Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (ERESD 2019), The 35th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference (2018 IPCC), Coal Processing, and Member of Domestic Board, 2017 International Conference on Coal Science & Technology and 2017 Australia-China Symposium on Energy (2017 ICCS&T). Prof. Yu is active reviewers for international journals such as AIChE Journal, Chemical Engineering Journal, Energy, and Fuel Processing Technology. He is also recognized by Elsevier as the Outstanding Reviewer for Energy.


Prof. Yu’s research interests primarily include air pollution control, carbon capture, nanotechnology for energy and environmental remediation, wastewater treatment, engineering applications of artificial intelligence, air quality management. Prof. Yu is the principle investigator (PI) for the General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Industrial R&D Fellowship (IRDF), the sub-project of "Double First-Class Program" and Special Project Under Cultivation for National Key Program of China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT). He has also participated in multiple national and international research projects.


Prof. Yu has published 19 SCI articles as the first or corresponding author in top environmental and chemical engineering journals such as Environmental Science & Technology, Chemical Engineering Journal, AIChE Journal, Chemical Engineering Science, and Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Among them, the paper regarding CO2 capture using chilled ammonia published in AIChE Journal was selected as one of the 8 “Editor’s Choice” papers in 2016.


Prof. Yu teaches undergraduate courses including “Interfacial Chemistry” in English, and “Experimental Design and Data Analysis”, and graduate course “Interfacial and Solution Chemistry” for international students.


Prof. Yu is always looking for active and highly motivated students who are interested in efficient and clean utilization of energy resources and the development of new nanomaterials. The potential students are expected to have academic background in Mineral Processing Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Material Science and Engineering or relevant engineering programs. Interested candidates are warmly welcomed to send their applications to Dr. Yu by email at heshengyu@cumt.edu.cn. 



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22.   刘嘉友,聂倩倩,俞和胜*,李亚萍 2020),卷心菜状Bi2WO6光催化降解黄药废水金属矿山524: 122-128.
       Liu, J.Y., Nie, Q.Q., Yu, H.S.*, Li, Y.P. (2020), Photocatalytic Degradation of Xanthate in Wastewater Using Cabbage-like Bi2WO6Metal Mine 524, 122-128. (in Chinese)

Educational Experience

  • 2009.1 to 2013.6

    University of Waterloo | Mechanical Engineering | Doctor | Postgraduate (Doctoral)

  • 2005.9 to Now

    China University of Mining and Technology | Mineral Processing Engineering | Master's degree | Postgraduate (Master's Degree)

  • 2001.9 to Now

    China University of Mining and Technology | Mineral Processing Engineering | Bachelor's Degree

Work Experience

  • 2017.8 to Now

    School of Chemical Engineering and Technology | Professor

  • 2014.10 to 2017.8

    Lakes Environmental | NSERC IRDF、Senior Researcher

Social Affiliations

  • 2021.10 to Now

    Think Tank Expert on Environmental Management of Chemicals and Waste, BCRC Asia-Pacific

  • Session Chair of the 35th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference (2018 IPCC)

  • Session Chair for Coal Processing, and Member of Domestic Board, 2017 International Conference on Coal Science & Technology and 2017 Australia-China Symposium on Energy (2017 ICCS&T)

  • Reviewers for international journals including AIChE Journal, Chemical Engineering Journal, Energy, Energy & Fuels,  Aerosol and Air Quality Research, Fuel Processing Technology 、Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association.  

    Outstanding Reviewer for Energy in 2016.

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