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    微信:jeafliu 微信公众号:CUMT-THMC
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    中国土木工程/岩石力学学会环境土工委员会、青年专委会委员;Journal of Geological Research 期刊编委
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    State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics & Deep Underground Engineering

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Biographical Summary

Pro. Liu is currently a professor at State Key Laboratory for GeoMechanics and Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology. He received his PhD in Civil Engineering from Ecole Central de Lille (Central School of Lille) and French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)-Laboratory of Mechanic of Lille (LML), France, in 2013. His current research focuses on coupled fluid and gas transport in geomaterials, and its application in deep underground radioactive waste storage and deep energy mining. He has published more than 50 papers in refereed scientific journals, and he currently presides over 20 national and provincial scientific research projects.

Academic experience 

2022.01 - current   Professor

UniversityState Key Laboratory for GeoMechanics and Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology

2019.10 - 2019.11  Visiting scholar

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Unite State

Cooperation tutor: Prof. Shen-En CHEN

2016.01 - current  Associated Professor

UniversityState Key Laboratory for GeoMechanics and Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology

2015.06 - 2015.12   Lecture

State Key Laboratory for GeoMechanics and Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology

2013.06 - 2015.06    Postdoctoral Fellow

UniversityFrench National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)-Laboratory of   Mechanic of Lille (LML)

Research subject: Research on the sealing ability of the bentonite, after the dismantling of an underground structure at the Mont Terri rock laboratory (Switzerland)

2010.09 - 2013.06    PhD degree

UniversityDepartment of civil engineering, École Centrale de Lille (a renowned Graduate Engineering school) - Laboratory of Mechanics of Lille (LML) -France

Ph.D thesis:  Sealing efficiency of an argillite-bentonite plug subjected to gas pressure, in the context of deep underground radioactive waste storage

Supervisor:   Prof. Frédéric. Skoczylas 

2007.09 - 2010.07   Master degree   

University:  College of civil engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University  

Master’s thesis: Research on the Ground Movement Law Due to Metro Station Driven with Enlarging Shield Tunnels

Supervisor:  Prof. Qi Taiyue  

2003.09 - 2007.07   Bachelor degree

University:  College of civil engineering, Guangxi University  

Selected publications 


1. Liu JF*, Ni HYPu HHuang BXYao QLMao XB.Test theorymethod and device of gas permeability of porous media and the application. Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, 2021, 40(1): 137-146.

2. Ni HY, Liu JF*, Pu H, Chen X, Song Y, Mao XB, Skoczylas F.Microscopic pore structure and improved permeability characterization of COx argillite based on SEM images. International Journal of Geomechanics, 2021, 10.1061/(ASCE)GM.1943-56 22.0002069.

3. Ni HY, Liu JF*, Huang BX, Hai Pu, Qing-Bin MENG, et al. Quantitative analysis of pore structure and permeability characteristics of sandstone using SEM and CT images. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 2021,103861.

4. Jiang-Feng Liu, Xu-Lou Cao, Hong-Yang Ni, Kai Zhang, Zhi-Xiao Ma, Li-Ke Ma, Hai Pu.Numerical Modeling of Water and Gas Transport in Compacted GMZ Bentonite under Constant Volume Condition, Geofluids, 2021,  https://doi.org/10.1155/2021/429 0426


5. Liu JF*, Cao XL., Xu J, Yao QL, Ni HY. A new method for threshold determination of gray image.  Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources, 2020, 6(4):72.

6. Liu JF* , Guo JN, Ni HY, Zhang Q, Skoczylas F. Swelling and gas transport characteristics of saturated compacted bentonite/sand samples considering the scale effect. Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment, 2020.

7. Liu JF*, Ni HY, Cao XL*, Ma LK, Guo JN, Wang YG, Chen X. Laboratory investigation on gas permeability of compacted GMZ bentonite under a coupled hydraulic-mechanical effect, Engineering Geology, 2020, 105761.

8. Liu JF*, Song SB, Cao XL, Meng QB, Pu H, Wang YG, LIU JF*. Determination of full-scale pore size distribution of Gaomiaozi bentonite and its permeability prediction, Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2020, 12(2):403-413.

9. Ni HY, Liu JF*, Guo JN, Yang DS Chen YG. Numerical modelling on water retention and permeability of compacted GMZ bentonite under free-swelling conditions. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 2020, 44:1619-1633.

10. Song SB, LIU JF*, Ni HY, Cao XL, Pu H, Huang BX. A new automatic thresholding algorithm for unimodal gray-level distribution images by using the gray gradient information, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 2020, 190: 1-7.

11. Meng QB, Qian W, LIU JF* , Zhang MW, Lu MM, Wu Yu. Analysis of triaxial compression deformation and strength characteristics of limestone after high temperature, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2020, doi 10.1007/s12517-020-5151-0.  

12. Meng QB, Liu JF*, Ren, L*, Pu H, Chen YL. Experimental Study on Rock Strength and Deformation Characteristics Under Triaxial Cyclic Loading and Unloading Conditions. Rock Mech Rock Eng, 2020. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00603-020-02289-8

13. Guo JN, Liu JF*, Li Q, Chen ZQ. Study on the permeability evolution and its formation mechanism of xiaojihan aquifer coal seam under plastic flow, Geofluids, 2020, 2147503.

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16. Zhang G, Wang Z., Liu JF, et al. Stability of the bedded key roof above abandoned horizontal salt cavern used for underground gas storage. Bull Eng Geol Environ (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10064-020-01830-x

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Educational Experience

  • 2010.9 to 2013.6

    法国里尔中央理工大学 | 土木工程 | Doctor | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

  • 2007.9 to 2010.6

    西南交通大学 | 地下工程 | 硕士 | With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates

  • 2003.9 to 2007.7

    广西大学 | 土木工程 | 学士 | 本科毕业

  • 2000.9 to 2003.7

    宿城一中 | 高中毕业

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