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Underground space stability and mining related issues

I have been working on coal mine roadway support for years (from 2012), which is mainly for the excavations 500 meters or more beneath the surface, far more complex and difficult than shallow-buried engineering cases. Therefore, I deeply believe that what I am specialized can also serve for some other underground stability analysis or researches. 

In the above areas, I have carried out many types of research, mainly focused on lab tests and field investigations. To list some but not to limited to these, bolting theories and mechanisms, all kinds of pullout tests based on different coupling materials, rock bolting tests, etc. Based on these tests, I obtained a lot of publications, of which I prefer to list 5 representative ones below. 
1. Xiaowei Feng*, Nong Zhang, Fei Xue, et al. Practices, experience, and lessons learned based on field observations of support failures in some Chinese coal mines, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 123, 104097, 2019. (SCI, IF=7.135) 

2. Xiaowei Feng*, Nong Zhang, Zhijie Wen, et al. Mechanical responses and acoustic emission properties of bolting system under short encapsulation cyclic thrust tests, International Journal of Fatigue, 121, 39-54, 2018.  (SCI, IF=4.369) 

3. Xiaowei Feng*, Nong Zhang, Sen Yang, et al. Mechanical response of fully bonded bolts under cyclic load. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 109, 138-154, 2018. (SCI, IF=7.135) 

4. Xiaowei Feng, Nong Zhang, Fengzhen He, et al. Implementation of a pre-tensioned, fully bonded, bolting system and its failure mechanism based on acoustic emission: A laboratorial and field study. Geotechnical Testing Journal, 2017, 40(6): 978-999. (SCI, IF=1.289) 

5. Xiaowei Feng, Nong Zhang. Position-optimization on retained entry and backfilling wall in gob-side entry retaining techniques. International Journal of Coal Science & Technology, 2015, 2(3): 186-195.

In addition, there is a video I'd like to share, please click the link below, it's a Chinese version, but one still can grasp the main meaning by referring to the figures.

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