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Xiaowei Feng

  • School/Department:School of Mines
  • Gender:Male
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  • Degree:Doctor
  • Professional Title:Associate professor

Born in Otc. 1986, Xiaowei Feng received his Ph.D. in China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) in 2017, afterwards he continued his post-doctoral research at CUMT for another two years till the middle of 2019. He has been working on coal mine roadway support for years (from 2012). Now he is an associate professor at the School of Mines, and he has held more than 10 scientific funds, he has published more than 20 papers as the first author, and he has more than 23 invention patents as the first inventor.

Since 2017, he has been working on the 3D printing technology, especially on its application in coal mine roadway supports, and on its possibility of constructing physical model. Till now, he has more than 5 journal papers and more than 3 authorized invention patent on this topic, of which one was published on Composite Part B: Engineering with an impact factor of 9.078, another one was published on Materials & Design with an impact factor of 7.991. Plus, he has held more than 4 scientific funds on this topic, including the Youth Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China

His research interests have rock mechanics and rock testing methods, bolt support and bolting techniques, 3D concrete printing, 3D metal printing, 3D digital modeling, and also, new energy science and engineering.

  • 2012.9-2014.6

    China University of Mining and Technology  | Engineering

  • 2008.9-2012.7

    Henan Polytechnic University  | Mineral Processing Engineering  | Bachelor's Degree | University graduated

  • 2014.9-2017.6

    China University of Mining and Technology  | Mining Engineering  | Doctoral Degree in Engineering | Postgraduate (Doctoral)

    2021.9- 2022.9

    Politecnico di Milano  | Architecture, Built environment and Construction Engineering Department  | N/A  | Visiting scholar
    From Sep. 2021 to Sep. 2022, I served as visiting scholar in Politecnico di Milano, I was engaged in the research 'Modelling mechanical properties of cementitious materials for 3D printing technology' under the local supervision of Prof. Valter Carvellid. 

    2017.7- Now

    China University of Mining and Technology  | School of Mines  | 副教授
    I started my work here in June 2017, for the first two years till June 2019, I was a postdoctoral candidate here, then I was elected as a lecturer. I was promoted to vice professor at the end of 2019. 

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