Jingbin Hao

Associate professor  
Supervisor of Master's Candidates


School/Department:School of Mechatronic Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology

Administrative Position:Associate Professor

Business Address:B404. School of Mechatronic Engineering, Nanhu Campus, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, China 221116


Alma Mater:China University of Mining and Technology

Academic Honor:

2014   Jiangsu Entrepreneurship and Innovation Talents

Honors and Titles:

2020-01-08   Special expert of north Jiangsu Development of Jiangsu Province

2020-12-16   First prize of National Coal Industry Teaching Achievement Award

2018-07-20   First prize of Teaching Achievement Award of China University of Mining and Technology

2021-06-25   Outstanding Communist

2021-12-24   Best undergraduate teaching teacher

2021-09-18   Teaching and educating advanced individual




Affilication of Author(s):机电工程学院

Disigner of the Invention:冀寒松,陈鑫,李宝林,韩正铜,薛美荣,孟昭扑,温荣升

Type of Patent:国内

State of Patent:专利授权

Application Number:201510039703.X

Number of Inventors:8

Service Invention or Not:no

Application Date:2015-01-26

Authorization Date:2016-09-07

First Author:Jingbin Hao


Hao Jingbin, born in May 1982, is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing, School of Mechatronics Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology.He graduated from China University of Mining and Technology in 2011, and received his Doctor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation. From 2008 to 2009, he went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for joint training under the guidance of Professor Robert E. Williams, who is an authority in the field of 3D printing. From 2017 to 2018, he went to the University of British Columbia as the visiting scholar under the guidance of Professor Steve Feng, who is an authority in CAD/CAM/CAI field.

His research interests include 3D printing, intelligent manufacturing, laser additive manufacturing, green remanufacturing of mining equipment. He has presided over and participated in 15 scientific research projects, published more than 50 academic papers in international journals such as Rapid Prototyping Journal, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, and granted more than 60 national invention patents.

Currently, he is the director of  Laser Advanced Manufacturing Technology laboratory, the vice president of Xuzhou Health Research Institute and the director of the Biomedical 3D Printing Technology Laboratory.

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