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Degree:Doctoral Degree in Management
Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)
Alma Mater:西北工业大学
Professional Title:讲师
Main positions:Assistant Professor

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Inayat Khan博士是巴基斯坦开伯尔-帕克顿赫瓦人,是经济学和管理学院,中国矿大的助理教授,是一名本科生和硕士生导师。他分别于2012年,2016年,2022年在白沙瓦大学、马拉坎大学和西北工业大学获得硕士学位(MBA)工商管理、哲学硕士学位(MPhill)工商管理(资金)和博士学位(管理科学与工程)。在博士期间,他曾担任博士生导师副院长贾明教授的助教(2017-2021),负责西北工业大学管理学院的国际硕士生课程《STATA研究方法和应用》。他的研究领域是公司社会责任、公司治理、环境社会治理、公司碳中和和绿色创新。

Dr. Inayat Khan a native of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan as an undergraduate & master level supervisor working as Assistant Professor at School of Economics and Management, China University of Mining & Technology. He received his master's degree (MBA) in busineess administration, master of Philosophy Degree (MPhill) in Finance and Doctor's degree  in management science from University of Peshawar, University of Malakand and Northwestern Polytechnical University  in 2012, 2016 and 2022 respectively. Prior to this position, he also served as a teaching assistant for four years (2017-2021)  with his doctoral supervisor, Vice Dean & Professor Ming Jia,  for a subject "Research Methodology and Applications of STATA" to international master level students at School of Management, Northwestern Polytechnical University. His research interests are corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, environmental social governance, corporate carbon neutrality and green innovation. 

Educational Experience
  • 2017.9 -- 2022.3
    西北工业大学 Northwestern Polytechnical University , Management Science and Engineering  , Doctoral Degree in Management , With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
  • 2013.5 -- 2016.10
    University of Malakand Chakdara, Pakistan , Business Administration  , Master's degree , 研究生毕业
  • 2009.11 -- 2012.5
    University of Peshawar, Pakistan , Business Administration  , Master of Business Administration , Master's degree in graduate school
  • 2007.6 -- 2009.11
    University of Malakand, Chakdara Pakistan , 数学和经济学 , 本科毕业
Work Experience
  • 经济管理学院
Social Affiliations
  • 2017.9 -- Now
    1. Potential reviewer in Business & Society
    2. Potential reviewer in Managerial and Decision Economics.
    3. As a volunteer at Northwestern Polytechnical University during COVID-19 in 2019 and 2022. Helping students, families and society in buying food staffs and other basic necessities. I also helped community social worker in solving communication issues with international students in Xiaioyaoyuan society beside our NPU school during COVID vaccinations.
    4. As ambassador of NPU in Pakistan.
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